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    I haven't watched it yet, but I plan to eventually. At the minute i'm rewatching all of Criminal Minds and reading crap loads of comics, so i've been kind of preoccupied. I need to get back into the BSG frame of mind.

    And to be honest, not overly keen on Six (Don't hit me!) She's just TOO glamourous.. I prefer someone more bad ass and "gritty" like Starbuck ;D
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    Reply from Nanziniemi:

    Any good comics? Im kinda at a low point after reading the Emma Frost series of Xmen. Kinda out of inspiration but of course always looking for new materials:)
    I really didnt like Caprica, thats why I wonder if other BSDG watchers have seen it... and how they liked it..

    True, six is glamour. BUT you cant deny shes badass... i mean she killed perhaps more creatures then Starbuck in less the time haha. I do love starbuck but im too much like her and therfor she annoys me haha.
    I personally also LOVE Admiral Cain, im perhaps one of the few.. I know that
    But I can spend HOURS reading Cain/Gina Cain/Starbuck fanfics haha.. its something with the power and the uniform I think LOL

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